domingo, febrero 20, 2011

Miedo en el aire

La ola iniciada en Tunez se propaga, excediendo la primera línea de países árabes "occidentalizados", para alcanzar fronteras inesperadas: Libia, Irán, China. Una ola que comienza a ser inconveniente y molesta para todos, desde las democracias occidentales hasta la intransigencia talibán...
Una nota de Jeremy Page, en The Wall Street Journal, así lo muestra para China...
Chinese authorities detained dozens of political activists after an anonymous online call for people to start a "Jasmine Revolution" in China by protesting in 13 cities—just a day after President Hu Jintao called for tighter Internet controls to help prevent social unrest.
Only a handful of people appeared to have responded to the call to protest in Beijing, Shanghai and 11 other cities at 2 p.m. Sunday, a call first posted on the U.S.-based Chinese-language news website and circulated mainly on Twitter, which is blocked in China.
But Chinese authorities seemed to take it seriously, deploying extra police to the planned protest sites, deleting almost all online discussion of the appeal, blocking searches for the word "Jasmine" on micro-blogging and other sites and temporarily disabling mass text-messaging services.
Ahead of the planned protests, more than 100 activists across China were taken away by police, confined to their homes or went missing, according to the Hong Kong-based group Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy.

Fotografía de Carlos Barria/Reuters, en The Wall Street Journal

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