domingo, marzo 27, 2022

Lo que Putin subestimó

 De una entrevista de The Economist a Volodymyr Zelensky, presidente de Ucrania:

TE: Let's talk about now, about where we are in this stage of the war. Do you think there is any chance you can win?

VZ: We believe in victory. It's impossible to believe in anything else. We will definitely win because this is our home, our land, our independence. It's just a question of time.

TE: What does a Ukrainian victory look like?

VZ: Victory is being able to save as many lives as possible. Yes, to save as many lives as possible, because without this nothing would make sense. Our land is important, yes, but ultimately it's just territory. I don't know how long the war will last, but we will fight to the last city we have. From the start, when you choose an option about what people should do or not do, people don't understand what a full-fledged war is. My job is to give a signal so that people know how to act.

And when you show how Ukraine is supposed to behave, you also have to behave accordingly [yourself]. There was a decision whether to stay or leave. We are all wounded and hurt in the same way. [My decision to stay] was my signal to people about how we should respond to the attack. It's about how the war started and how it's going to end. It will end with us still standing here defending.

That's my response to the question about what Ukraine's victory will look like. Our victory may be temporary, maybe without resolving all issues, but we have chosen the direction we will move in.

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